Volunteer Opportunities

Loaves and Fishes Ministries values our volunteers!  We also strive to ensure the safety and privacy of the guests we serve.  Before volunteering at Loaves and Fishes, all potential volunteers first have a police background check completed and must agree to our privacy policy and non-discrimination policy. 

Potential volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement ensuring privacy of our guests, then meet with the Volunteer Coordinator for training at the shelter before working a shift. 

The first few shifts are completed with an experienced volunteer.  All volunteers are encouraged to attend periodic Volunteer In Services to meet other volunteers, get important updates, share experiences ask and have questions answered.  Please complete the Request Volunteer Information form to start the application to be a volunteer at Loaves and Fishes. 


Volunteer Opportunities

• Evening Volunteer

Volunteering in the evening from 6-10PM offers the opportunity to spend time with our guests.  Part of your evening will be spent helping the guests get settled when they arrive to the L&F.  Once dinner is served to the guests, you can sit down and enjoy dinner and lively conversation with the guests.

• Overnight Volunteer

The Overnight Volunteer position is a sleep shift from 10 PM to 7:30 AM (8:30 AM on weekends and holidays).  You will spend time with the guests until quiet time, from 11:00PM-6:30AM.  Part of this shift also includes making breakfast for the guests and tidying the kitchen afterwards.  

• Dinner Provider

What a great opportunity to try a new recipe. Dinner Providers buy the ingredients and prepare a complete nutritious dinner for 15.  The dinner is then delivered to the L&F by 6:30 PM.  What a great way to help the homeless.

• Clerical Volunteer

The volunteer with clerical skills will always have a task waiting for them.  Thank you cards are written to all of our donors.  We send out newsletters to our volunteers each month and to our full group of support people three times a year.  These are just a few ways you can help.

• Yard & Maintenance Volunteer

L&F works to be a value to the community by maintaining its properties.  If you like working with your hands, this is the place for you to volunteer.  We have grass to mow, flowers to plant and snow to shovel.  We also have minor repairs which have to be done both inside and out.