Transitional Shelter for Women & Children

Loaves and Fishes transitional sheltering program for women with children is called Zacchaeus House.  Transitional sheltering means long-term housing, up to two years, that will offer the opportunity for residents to get the job training and experience, education and other long-term solutions needed to get and keep permanent housing.

Zacchaeus House is a home that can house up to 3 small families of moms with 2-3 children.  Each family has their own furnished bedroom and sitting room and shares 2 full bathrooms, 1 kitchen and living rooms with the other families.  Zacchaeus House is a drug and alcohol free environment and limited visitors are allowed.

Zacchaeus House residents must be working, in school, or be participating in, or applying for, Work First.




   • Initial Program Fee:  $200
   • Monthly Program Fee:  $200

How to Apply:

   • Call Loaves and Fishes Ministries at 517-482-2099 after 9:30 AM for more information.